Coffee table books: Part One – A Gun For Hire

This fine specimen is a collection of the work by Helmut Newton.  The title of the book refers to Newton’s decription of himself:

“Some people’s photography is an art.
Mine is not.  If they happen to be exhibited in
a gallery or a museum, that’s fine.
But that’s not why I do them.  I’m a gun for hire.”
Helmut Newton, Newsweek, February 2, 2004.
The book catalogues his work and who it was for from the 1980s through to the year 2000.  Here are some pictures from the book:
I was given this as a birthday present a few years ago for no other reason than I just really love the pictures!  I find his work very artistic, very feminine (I think the fact that about 99% of his pictures are of women plays a part), very fashionable and stylish, and also very sexy.  All his pictures are so different as well.  As seen above, the two women in the beautiful sparkly gowns were photographed for Chanel.  The top left picture reminds me of Quentin Tarantino films, I can’t explain why!  The top right picture has a science fiction feel to it – she could be Spock’s sister perhaps?
There are some famous faces making an appearance here and there too:


Liz Hurley and Kate Moss modelling Yves Saint Laurent!
Coffee table books are excellent accessories and fun to collect.  Unfortunately, as of yet I do not own a coffee table, but at least I’m prepared!

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