Mr Orangutan. Fresh out of Sepilok, Borneo





Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well.  I’m Mr Orangutan, but you can call me O-rang if you like.  I really know how to work a crowd, and when Frances and Kayleigh came to visit me it was business as usual.  I sneaked out of the sanctuary enclosure while they were having lunch and waited patiently to be noticed.  Eventually I had a pretty impressive crowd admiring me and taking photos so I did few poses and flashed my pearly whites at them with my biggest grin.  One traveller dropped his camera so I quickly swiped his lens cover – I’ve been curious as to what they taste like.  Turns out they taste rubbish so I gave it back.  I got thirsty after all this attention so I ambled up to a German girl, tapped her gently on the leg and held out my hand whilst smiling at her.  No one can resist my smile so she handed me her orange juice and after I figured out how to take the lid off I gulped the whole thing!  Then I said my goodbyes and headed back to my tree.

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