Coffee Table Books Part Two: Blogs, Grandmas and Fashion

Well over a year ago I wrote this post about a coffee table book I had acquired.  After all this time I still have no coffee table but do have three new books!  They are all very cool and make perfect coffee table reading material so I thought I would share them with you.

The first one was a very thoughtful Christmas present.  Even though I am not a fashion blogger, I love fashion blogs and this book documents some of the best ones out there.  It’s called The Style Diaries and features blogs such as Style Bubble and WishWishWish to name a few.

I could spend a lot of time flicking through this book poring over the clothes and looking up new blogs.  In fact I do spend a lot of time flicking through this book poring over the clothes and looking up new blogs.  Available to buy here or here, my copy was purchased from Urban Outfitters but I’m not sure if they still stock it.
The next book is a guide from the Women’s Institute on how to maintain a full and healthy wardrobe.  

I love this book, it was a birthday present from the same girl who got me the fashion blog book.  Each page has a short snippet of good advice accompanied by a little fashion related quote.
You said it Yves Saint Laurent!

This sweet little book will be moved from my imaginary coffee table and placed in my imaginary dressing room, as a constant reminder on how to look after my clothes!  It is available to buy here.
Last but not least, a gorgeous little book that was a gift from my mum.  I adore this book in equal measures to the other two but for different reasons.  It does what it says on the tin (cover), gives ‘practical advice that has stood the test of time’.
It comes with advice on how to manage your money, good manners in the workplace, how to set a table (I genuinely never knew that flowers should not be above a certain height so as not to disrupt eye contact and conversation), how to do various basic stitches, the best times of year to plant certain seeds, home remedies and so, so much more.  If I ever choose to raise a family this book is going to become my bible.

The ‘Dodder Not’ recipe.  My mum did make this and it was … okay.  I recommend spreading some jam on it first personally.  Very good for you though!

So much advice!  
Available to buy here and here.
These books make fantastic gifts – in fact that’s how I received all of them – for anyone with a creative or blogger inclined soul.

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  1. I have The Style Diaries too! I bought it in Urban Outfitters when I was in London last year! I've read it cover to cover. Which doesn't happen very often. I love it.

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