Sophia Wallace

I recently discovered artist Sophia Wallace when someone shared photos of her Cliteracy 100 Natural Laws exhibition on Facebook.  I won’t be able to visit the exhibition with it being overseas but I certainly think it’s inspiring, interesting and well worth sharing – hence this blog post.


All images are taken from her Facebook page – here.
The quotes I find most interesting are ‘Imagine if boys were taught only about their testicles without reference to the penis’, ‘Teen pregnancy adds insult to injury, are girls having pleasurable sex at 14? Doubt it’ and finally ‘A man would never be expected to get off through sex acts that ignored his primary sexual organ’.

I love works of art that shock you into thinking about things and encourage you to question your own opinions and perceptions, Sophia Wallace achieves that wonderfully here.

Here is another extract from the series I found via Pinterest:


I will definitely be keeping up with her work in the future.

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