A Blogger Lunch

The power of the internet and social media never ceases to amaze and excite me.  Twitter in particular is a network which I find incredible.  Before I joined it I had no idea how huge the online world was, particularly for travel blogging and other types of blogging.  There is a massive and refreshingly welcoming online community, and it amazes me how you can be connected with people you would never connect with if it weren’t for these networks.
One of the (many, many) blogs I follow these days is called String Of Events.  I can’t actually remember how I found it, it wasn’t through Twitter.  I think I just stumbled across it from another blog or something.  Anyway, I began reading it and liked it so added it to my feed.  A comment here and there later the blog author, Marlee, began reading mine too.  Then we connected on Twitter.  Today, since she is from Melbourne, we had lunch.  Now is that not mental?  If we didn’t write blogs we’d be in the same city with no idea about each other’s existence.  Thinking about things like that makes my head ache slightly.
We met at Flinders Street station and I decided to let Marlee choose where we would eat for lunch.

Degraves Street
As per usual I ate too much.  Marlee took me around some amazing shops after lunch, in none of which I can purchase anything yet (yet being the key word here).  She showed me some really awesome places that I can’t wait to go back to and show you!
Thanks Marlee for a great afternoon out!

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