Melbourne: Week One

So I’ve been here a week and have neglected this blog in a way that I never thought I would.  I’m very sorry, but I have been busy.
My first day (Wednesday 14 Nov) was spent gliding around in a miserably jet lagged haze of exhaustion.  I slept more than is probably healthy.  On Thursday I met up with Kayleigh which was just what I needed, seeing a good friend lifted my spirits (which weren’t particularly low, just very jetlagged), as did the macaroons we subsequently ate at La Belle Miette (I will blog about this place, all in good time friends).
Friday I got some comfy shoes on and went on a walking mission around the city.  It really is the best way to get to grips with a new place, something as basic as knowing where things are makes a big city feel a lot less intimidating.  I also did a few practical things like activate my bank account, get a phone number, arrange a meeting with an agency, apply for a tax file number… you get the idea.
On Saturday I met with a friend who lives out here called Ollie.  He took me on a tour of some of the city’s most historical and interesting sites.  He also showed me the La Trobe reading room in the library which is absolutely stunning!  I am going to attempt a sneaky photo or two, such a beautiful setting to go and read or write (or blog!).
Saturday evening I hopped on a train up to Wandong where Kayleigh is living with her boyfriend Mick (read the sickeningly cute story of how we all met here).  It is very beautiful up there, being out in the country made me feel like I was actually in Australia.  Sadly I didn’t catch a glimpse of any kangaroos, but there will be time for that!  On Sunday we lazed around and fed ourselves, basically had a rather lovely and relaxing day.  I then grabbed a lift back to Melbourne with Mick’s sister Jenn in the evening.


On Monday I went job hunting and secured a trial shift at a bar/restaurant.  In the evening I viewed a flat (which I am moving into next Monday, yay).  Tuesday I did the RSA (responsible service of alcohol course), and Tuesday evening did said trial shift.
Wednesday I had a meeting with a recruitment agency and then met with Kay again for some casual job hunting and shopping.  And today… I am really ill.  I’ve got hay fever, what is that about?!  I never get this back in the UK but boy have I got it out here!
So you there you have it, a short summary of my first week in Melbourne.  I’d say it’s been pretty productive!  One thing I’ve come to realise since being here is how much I love my own space, while hostels are great socially I haven’t liked having to share a room.  I know that as someone who loves travel I’m supposed to like hostels and all, but I don’t, so sue me!
Plans for next week are more job hunting and some proper blogging!

5 thoughts on “Melbourne: Week One

  1. Enjoy your first couple of weeks in Melbourne! I know what you mean about hostelling. It's fun but sometimes its just nice to have your own space and of course a desk to do your blogging! 🙂

  2. it sounds like you haven't stopped! but you seem to be enjoying yourself. looking forward to our lunch on monday! also you should try and make your way up to Healesville Sanctuary. Australian animals galore!

  3. Sounds you like an amazing time in Melbourne, enjoy it (i'm a bit jealous ;-)) My way to handle the "hostelling" is to allow myself some luxury in between

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