RTW Packing List: My Ultimate Tips

A blog post from down under!  I am very busy at the moment getting myself settled and set up, so in the mean time to tide you over, feast your beady blog eyes on this.

Rather than going through everything I pack etc, I have just picked out a few tips and items that I have grown to love and rely on whilst backpacking.  They’re in no particular order and are guaranteed to make your life on the road much easier.

1.  Aside from sunscreen, it’s also a good idea to take regular moisturiser to use at night.  The chances are you’ll be in a hot country and in the sea a lot, so your skin will be drier than usual.  I always go for a citrus scented one (same goes for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel too).  The reason?  Mosquitos hate citrus.

The Body Shop
2.  Spork, see here.  Imagine you’re sat overlooking the sea in Airlie Beach on Australia’s East coast.  You’ve just purchased some cereal and milk from the local store and you don’t feel like waiting til you get back to the hostel to eat it.  If only you had a handy utensil in your bag…  Oh wait, you do!  The spork!  This story isn’t made up, I ate my cereal in public straight from the box.  Living the dream.

The mighty spork
3.  Plastic bags.  Takes loads.  Keeps your stuff dry and your washing separate.  It’s also a good way to shrink wrap clothes to create more space.
4.  Hayfever tablets.  One before bed works wonders on angry insect bites!  I always use in conjunction with tiger balm.
5.  Buy a swiss card, there’s loads available on Amazon – see here.  It’s a revolutionary travel gadget and fits nicely in your purse or wallet!  Mine has the following uses:
Magnifying glass
Screw driver
Unbelievably handy!
6.  Iphone backup battery – see here.  If you have an iphone obviously.  There’s various ones you can buy.  Excellent for emergencies or long haul flights if you fancy watching your downloads rather than the in flight entertainment.

7.  A dropbox account!  Good way to store photos.  I let my folks have the log in details so they can view my photos as I go along.  Everyone’s happy that way – no forced photo session when I return!

8.  Headtorch.  There’s always one wholly irritating backpacker who comes into the dorm when everyone has just got to sleep and switches all of the lights on.  Do not be that backpacker.  Take a headtorch – see here.

9.  Sunscreen wise, I always use P20.  It’s water resistant and ‘lasts all day’ (I always reapply it if I’ve been out in the sun a while though).  I’ve never, ever been burnt using this stuff.  It goes far and isn’t as greasy as normal creams.  I’d recommend shopping around for offers on this, it is quite expensive (about £20) – I managed to find mine in a discount store at half price!

10.  A sturdy soap tin.  Not for soap but for jewellery!  So that it doesn’t get squashed or easily lost.

Hey presto!
Do you have any packing tips or items that you would recommend for long term travel?

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