January Blues … With A Big Helping Of Sun

Bravely marching into 2013.  In flip flops.
I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had what they call ‘January Blues’, or ‘Inevitable New Year Despair’ (do they call it that?  No?).  That said, it has been a very welcome and refreshing change to have lovely weather in January.  Normally it’d be relentless drizzle followed by heavy, icy snow hell bent on ruining all attempts to get to work.
Instead, it’s been sunny.  I’ve been eating ice creams.  The other day, I went down to Elwood and sat on the beach!  I wore a bikini!  I definitely think this weather is making me more motivated and positive in relation to my resolutions.  The usual routine I go through is I make a list of concise, wholly achievable aims and give up on them within a week, resigning myself to the fact that I will never, ever see a new year’s resolution through.  Ever.
But this year things are different.  We are only twelve days into the new year yes, but I have already set aside a chunk of my hard earned dollars into savings.  That would NEVER happen back in the UK.  It’s on now 2013.
My goals?  Save, work, and stay in Melbourne for a little old while.  I like it here.

3 thoughts on “January Blues … With A Big Helping Of Sun

  1. sounds like you're having a brilliant time and you've had a really good start to the new year! I'm feeling more motivated too… although I'm finding the juggling act a lot harder since i've started working!

    Hannah xx

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