Two Months On

I have now been in Melbourne for almost two months.  Time passes at a frightening rate, and things change with time too.  Melbourne doesn’t feel foreign anymore.  There’s still a lot to the city I’ve yet to see and do, but it’s no longer urgent to do so.  It’s like being asked if I’ve visited certain parts of the UK by locals here, my reply is often no.  When you live somewhere the novelty in a way disappears, but I think that’s a good thing.  You see so much more by living somewhere.
Christmas was spent in Wandong with Mick’s family, four relaxing days of food, wine, sun and more food.    For NYE I was reunited with the majority of my university housemates who all happen to be at this end of the world.  The fireworks in the city were incredible!
It was brilliant to have a proper Aussie Christmas, seeing the barbecue lit on Christmas Eve was strange.  Spending the day of NYE on the beach was even stranger.
Charlie and I taking in the view on Christmas day
Cute coffee at Manchester Press, a cafe I plan to blog about!
Melbourne at night
Cherry brandy egg nog
This woman’s head band sums up the Carols By Candlelight experience.  It was unbelievably hot that day.
Since my last blog post my days have been filled mainly with coffee (and tea, PG tips girl), working, socialising and trying to coax my pale skin to change the habit of a lifetime and go even just faintly brown.  I am officially feeling settled in this great city.  The plans for 2013 are to embrace it, and save up for backpacking.  Whether or not I’ll apply for a second year visa is still undecided!

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