The Six Month Mark

I have now been living in Melbourne for six whole months.  It’s gone by unbelievably quickly.  I’ve made new friends, reconnected with some old ones (it’s a small world!), had an amazing working experience in the CBD, had a fair bit of luck and discovered that there is more to Melbourne than I could have imagined.  This really is a fantastic city to live in.

The Australia Day parade at Federation Square

Quick mid-shopping snack with Marlee at The Cupcake Bakery
White Night Melbourne
I Tram Melbourne at the Finders Keepers market

I’ve been lucky to have my old university friend Ollie here in the city to help me get my bearings and my best friend Kayleigh from Petites Folies out in the country.  Her boyfriend’s family have kind of become my adopted Australian family, inviting me over for Christmas and Easter which was very kind of them.  I was also lucky enough to have my second cousin Ben (big family) return to Melbourne at the start of the year giving me a secure place to live near St Kilda.  Marlee from String of Events was also keen to welcome me to the city and show me what’s on.  It’s been fun hanging out and getting to know her and crazy that if we didn’t write blogs we would never have met!  The novelty of saying to people ‘Oh we’re friends from the internet’ still hasn’t lost its value.

Charlie and Kayleigh on Christmas day in Wandong
University friends reunited down under for New Year’s Eve
Blogger lunch
Basking in the beauty

I’ve sampled a fair few restaurants, cafes bars and nightclubs, and I’ve enjoyed the fact that I can now go running along the beach whenever I feel like it.  I’ve finally become accustomed to the weather (it’s all about the layers), and I’ve also developed a liking for good coffee – a good achievement considering I never drink it at home.

A great band Marlee introduced me to at Future Music
One of many late nights
My running route
Easter weekend in the country
The resident deer at Wolf & I, one of my favourite bars on Chapel St
City views from the Skydeck
Southbank by night

I’m at a point now where the novelty has worn off.  Melbourne kind of feels like home.  With that in mind, I have been missing home a lot more now that my mind isn’t as distracted.  But I guess that’s just something to get used to, it’ll pass eventually!

The things I love most about living here are:

Food, of all varieties
People watching
Being able to run alongside a beautiful sunny beach
Being able to get into the city centre within half an hour
Work experience (so far I’ve worked for a mental health clinic, a charitable foundation, a legal insurance provider, a university and now a private healthcare provider)

So what’s next in my pipeline of plans?  Well for the next two months at least I’m going to continue living and working in Melbourne.  I should be able to save up a fair few pennies and then I can decide later what to do with them.  After that I’m considering three months regional work in order to qualify for a second year visa.  It’s not definite and depends on a lot of different factors, but the one thing that pulls me is the thought of being able to live in Melbourne for another year!

Travel wise Sri Lanka is still heavily on my radar, but I’m going to wait until I’ve got more funds saved!  If I’m going to do a trip there by myself I want it to be worth it!  Until then it’s business as usual in the world’s most livable city.

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