Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Melbourne is famous for its street art, so it would be silly for me to not share some of it with you.  Hosier Lane is an iconic laneway where the art is always changing.  It’s also home to MoVida, a bloody sensational tapas place!  My cousin and I went about a month ago, but we were unable to get a table at the one here so we went to the much bigger and much more commercial feeling one off Bourke Street.  That said, the food and service was second to none.  It was the best tapas I have ever had, when I think back to the slow cooked beef cheek with cauliflower puree I do a little Homer Simpson gargle.  I left incredibly full and keen to blog, but I want to go back to the original one on Hosier for a blog post.  Good excuse to have a second round of tapas!

Anyway, I digress, a week or so ago Marlee and I decided to go into the city to see an art exhibition.  Said exhibition turned out to be much smaller than we expected so on our way to get some lunch we wandered up Hosier Lane and took some pictures.  Here are mine:








An artist at work










These guys were filming a music video.
Melbourne is a very artistic place which is one of the reasons I like it here.  I get the feeling things are always happening here, as soon as one event finishes another one is starting.  It’s exciting!
Hosier Lane is a great place to visit if you are in Melbourne for a short period of time.  It’s pretty much opposite Federation Square where all the tourists gravitate to.  It’ll give you a worthwhile glimpse into the artistic side of this city.  Don’t think that this is the only place to see great graffiti though, if you’re in Melbourne for a while like me make sure you always keep your eyes peeled.  Some incredible art will show up when you’re least expecting it.

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