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About eighteen months ago I joined Pinterest.  My friends described it to me as a place to bookmark, or ‘pin’, things that you like and things that interest you.  I was hooked immediately, I installed the pin it button on my toolbar right away and began pinning absolutely anything and everything that tickled my fancy.  From pretty colours to interior arrangements, and from fashion items to motivational quotes and even recipes.  You can literally pin anything.

Pinterest is now taking on a very large life of its own and is about to launch a new website in the UK.  Like all good social media networks, the Pinterest team have contacted a number of bloggers recently and got them on board to help spread the word and generate new users in time for the launch.  I was absolutely delighted when I received an email from them last month asking me to take part.  To be involved in such a wonderful demonstration of how important the blogosphere is these days, and to be involved directly with one of my favourite social networks, is a wonderful opportunity and fantastic experience.

I certainly use Pinterest just as much as any other social network, but it gets used in a different way.  I feel that Pinterest is centered around ideas, inspiration and motivation.  Just a few weeks ago I went to the hairdressers and in the chair next to me a girl was on her phone searching through her ‘Hair Ideas’ board on her Pinterest account, in order to show the stylist what cut she wanted.  So much less hassle than cutting up a hair magazine!

Similarly, my friend Emily used Pinterest heavily last year for inspiration (or pinspiration, say it with me…) whilst planning her wedding.  She got some great ideas for her hair, shoes, the cake and dress from the site.  The best bit was with us girls all living in different parts of the UK at the time, we could all see her ideas on Pinterest and let her know what we thought, or even find our own pins that we thought she’d like.

Pinterest is fantastic for planning.  I’m currently living in Melbourne, whilst enjoying the city I’m quietly saving pennies so that when I eventually leave this wonderful place I can do a bit of travelling yet again.  Whenever I begin to lack the travel bug spark I pop on to Pinterest and add a few beautiful images to my ‘Planet Earth’ board, immediately feeling full of wanderlust once again.

Follow Frances B's board Planet Earth on Pinterest. On this board I pin images of places that I want to go to, have already been to or that just remind me of why I love our planet.  It can be delicately and quaintly pretty, or vastly amazing and inspiring.  That raw wonder and appreciation is one of the many things that makes travelling so worthwhile. In addition, Pinterest is also a brilliant tool to use if you’re a blogger, brand or company because the images always link back to the web source.  All you need to do is click!  Even Topshop have a pin it button on their website, so that if you see a dress you like but want to come back to it you can pin it to one of your boards for future reference. I use Pinterest because it’s fun, inspiring and very addictive.  If you don’t have a Pinterest account and would like to join all you need to do is follow this link to the new site.  Then make a cup of tea (or coffee … or gin, whatever), sit down and have a good old peruse of my boards to get some ideas and get the (pin)ball rolling.  If you would rather have a look first to understand a bit better what Pinterest is, go to my profile here for a gander. Now obviously I’m not the only blogger Pinterest have asked to help spread the word about their UK launch.  If you’re a seasoned blog reader you will probably already have noticed a significant ripple of posts about Pinterest recently, and right now I’m passing on the torch to the next one.  Isn’t the internet exciting?! Tomorrow make sure you visit Steve Whitty’s blog Midlifewanderlust1965, he’s one of the next in line to demonstrate why you should join Pinterest.  You can find his boards here. Good luck and happy pinning! Visit Frances B's profile on Pinterest.

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  1. This is such a great post Frances! I loved reading about all the different ways you use Pinterest. It really means a lot to us that you're such an inspiring Pinterest ambassador. Thanks again for joining us in the Pin It Forward UK campaign.

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