The Festival Of Steve

Melbourne has some unusual and unique events going on and this is certainly one of them.  The only information I could gather from the blog was that it would be a ‘festival celebrating the gentlemen of Melbourne’.  I had no idea what to expect and guessed that it would either be really, really good, or really, really rubbish.  The name confused me, because I haven’t met any Australian men named Steve. It’s like the comedy channel at home called Dave, I know loads of people called Dave who are British.  Makes sense.  But Steve… who is Steve?

Nevertheless this morning I headed into the city with Marlee and Sam to see what it was all about.  It was located at The Kelvin Club on Melbourne Place off Russell Street.  Our first impression was to see a group of men wearing waistcoats stood outside chatting.  Liking what we saw we eagerly hurried inside to sign ourselves in.  The Kelvin Club is this amazing vintage style public house, it felt like stepping into a film set.  Once I had seen the venue the idea of the event clicked right away and I felt excited to get inside and see more.

The entrance lobby to The Kelvin Club

We picked up a goodie bag and entered to see there were various stalls dotted around downstairs and upstairs all focusing on something you might associate with ‘gentlemen’.  There was a shoe shining station, a salon stall offering haircuts and selling wax.  Coffee, books, bow ties and tailor made shirts.  Even Uber were there promoting their services to Melbourne – and they’re surprisingly reasonable!  The cost for an Uber car to take you from Fitzroy to St Kilda is the same, if not less, than a regular taxi.  I think I’ll definitely be using them instead of taxis at some point!




I loved this stall, they had some super cool trinkets










The decor of the place was gorgeous with old oil paintings lining the walls, including one of Queen Elizabeth.  There was a bar downstairs with a band playing nice, chilled out music and a snooker room at the back.



Doesn’t she look lovely?











We left after about an hour in search of dumplings and for an opportunity to rifle through our goodie bags.  I also purchased a book called ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ (it has a cartoon drawing of a dinosaur on the cover).  Here’s what I came away with:





The Melbourne City maps are fantastic to pick up if you’re new to the city.  They provide info on where cool and quirky cafes are, are very easy to use and allow you to tailor your visit according to time.  You would easily be able to plan a day out using this map, or plan a week!

Last but not least, here’s a peek of the book I bought along with the details for the shop.  It had me in fits of laughter so I just had to buy it.  There was another one called ‘T Rex Trying’ which I also really wanted to buy, just pictures of a T Rex trying to do things that are hindered by its small arms.  Like putting on a cardigan, or picking flowers.  Very funny coffee table material!








All in all I really enjoyed The Festival Of Steve and am really glad I went.  I think there could have been a bit more to see, but hopefully if it does well enough this year it’ll be held again next year and will grow.  The Kelvin Club is probably my new favourite venue in Melbourne, the decor just made me feel very at home as it was very English.  Definitely going to keep tabs of what else is going on there!

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