#VoicesOf2013 organised by Kidspot was my first ‘blogger conference’ and I didn’t know what to expect, plus I heard about it from the ever-informed Marlee at String Of Events.  So I felt lucky and excited to be going to a blogging event, by bloggers and for bloggers.  The event was free and I was completely blown away by the high standard and the attention to detail.

Had to giggle as I took this photo, Marlee and two other bloggers were stood next to me doing the exact same

One of the organisers standing on the main street there to catch attendees!

It was held at the Smart Artz Gallery in South Melbourne.  I haven’t been to this suburb before and it seems just lovely (but then, they all do!), I can’t wait to go back and explore the South Melbourne Market one weekend.

As we arrived we were greeted with name tags and a table full of beautifully presented snacks and nibbles.  The perfect welcome in my opinion.  Everyone got stuck in taking photos of the food before actually eating any, typical bloggers.  We then turned to take in the view of the room.  Cute pastel coloured chairs all lined up neatly and each with a MASSIVE free goodie bag sat on them.  I was actually really touched at the effort I could see had gone in.

These are literally the best goodie bags I’ve ever seen
Upon seeing this set up I immediately felt lucky and honoured to be here


Marlee juggling coffee and blogging duties.  Also, look at those tiny cupcakes!!

After everyone had taken their seats we were finally addressed and introduced to the first speaker Aleisha McCormack, blogger at I‘m Doing My Best, comedian and writer.  She gave us some brilliant advice on how to define your brand, with suggestions such as writing one page on your perception of yourself as a blogger and how you want to be perceived.

Aleisha in full swing



One of many lovely gifts in the goodie bag

In between food and tea breaks, we listened to two rounds of panelists.  The first discussed the best ways to blog (agreeing that it’s usually best to write as you talk, something I already strive to do).  The second gave out tips on setting your blog up for success – in other words, those three dirty old words we know as Search Engine Optimisation.

Kate Forster sending a quick picture to Instagram





It was a fantastic day.  I left feeling completely exhilarated, motivated and inspired.  I now have about 100 ideas running through my head, so I’m going to apply the lessons I learnt yesterday and start writing them down (in my new notebook!).

Again, a big thank you to Kidspot for such a well planned, well thought out and fun event!

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  1. I loved following all the tweets sent out during… Lots of tips when for someone who wasn't there!

    You definitely need to go back, the south melb market dim sims are infamous – if you like a dim sim you have to try at least one. They are huge.

  2. i didn't get the book 🙁 oh well. And yes you do need to visit the South Melb markets!

    Do you want me to guest blog for you? Let me know.

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