Flinders Lane Shopping Night

I first heard about this event about a year ago on Marlee’s blog, way back when we only knew each other via the interweb.  I remember thinking wow what an awesome event, I’d love to go to something like that.  One year later, here we are.

Of course there were free drinks.  This morning my head felt a little fuzzy after the free wine and cider at Nite Art yesterday, but I soon got a new lease of life with this cider!  We started the evening at Lenko, moving slowly on to Lady Petrova, Design A Space and many more.

I adored this T Rex sweater, but sadly it’s a bad colour for me

This late night shopping event is basically centered around Flinders Lane, Degraves Street, Manchester Lane and other nearby areas.  The the shops stay open late (til 9pm), some of them have free drinks and/or nibbles and usually offer discounts on their stock and/or a freebie with any purchase.  It’s a fun way to boost sales and interest.  I enjoyed it because everyone was in an excited mood and nowhere was too busy either.  I bought from two of my most favourite stores in Melbourne – Design A Space and Princess Highway, both purchases were technically bargains too.  Double win!

Still really want this tshirt.  So adorable.
The one big disappointment for me was that Zomp closed at eight o’clock.  Then again, I love the shoes so much in there that maybe it’s a blessing in disguise (for my bank balance).

Anything with cats on will instantly win me over
LOVE these shoes
But I loved this Design A Space sweater more, and purchase it I did!  (It was on sale mum, I practically saved money?!).  It’s deliciously soft and the front section is a velvety (technical term) material.  I absolutely love it.  It was discounted by 20%, and I got a free laptop case with purchase.  Because I definitely need one of those …
I just loved this dress the mannequin was wearing.  Good of her to make an effort.
Getting lost in the wonderful world of the Quick Brown Fox
Kinki Gerlinki do GOOD sunnies
The Flinders Lane Shopping Night is a great event, although I do think it would be useful if there were flyers available or even a phone app to tell people better info about what is open and when.  It’s well worth going to though, you will definitely find something unusual and good quality at a reasonable price.

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