Nite Art, Melbourne

This evening Marlee and I went on yet another blogging excursion.  Nite Art was a free event in which various venues and galleries in the CBD exhibited the work of local artists during one evening.  The art varied widely from modern art, to photography to short films.

We started the evening off with dinner at Yoyogi on Swanston Street, one of many great Asian eateries.    I went for the teriyaki bento box and a green tea milkshake (which was surprisingly good until I started getting full).

Delicious, just delicious

After this we started seeking out the galleries.  I thought the range of art on show was really good, one minute you’d be viewing student art, the next minute art worth thousands and thousands of dollars (apparently).  There was free wine and Rekorderlig cider available at most of the venues, always a bonus!







This is my favourite from the whole evening



This wasn’t part of Nite Art, I just spotted it and thought it was cute
Marlee braving the rickety steps

It was a lovely evening.  To be honest, it’s much closer to what I expected White Night would be like (read my previous post here).  I love Melbourne for its events, there is always something new and unusual happening.  Speaking of which, tomorrow night I’m off the Flinders Lane Shopping Night so expect another blog post this time tomorrow!

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