Woo Ga Korean Barbecue

I’m making it my priority to try as many Asian dishes as I can while I’m in Melbourne.  The food is so good and so cheap.  On Friday evening some work friends and I headed to Woo Ga in North Melbourne.  It sits opposite the Queen Victoria Market on Victoria Street, they serve Korean barbecue combos.

Walking in you’re hit with meaty smoke and the sound of sizzling.  Looking straight to the menu we saw that the combos are on offer were extremely good value!  We picked our share combo (which for 6 people came to about $22 each, I think that’s incredible value for Melbourne) and within seconds the staff had set our table with cups, bowls, dishes and an incredibly hot, stone pot to cook the meat on.


Your standard plastic menu, love this

Dips, nibble and extras all good to go
The pot so hot I could feel my face burning.
Steak and ox tongue

I love food that you can share and food as a spectacle, it’s sociable and so much fun.  Once the first round of meat was cooked the table soon turned into a frenzy of hands passing plates and bowls across to one another.  The seafood dish was also absolutely delicious, the squid was perfect!  Have to admit though, eating the prawn was too much of a challenge armed with only a spoon and chopsticks so I did give up.

You can BYO wine here too, an added bonus if you’re on a self-induced budget (like I was, having already spent twenty bucks on drinks in the pub before arriving at the restaurant…).

Now if the next series of photos don’t make you extremely hungry then I don’t know what will!  All I can think about right now is where my next Asian meal is coming from.

The seafood dish being set to cook


So many flavours on one table!
The pancakes were particularly good!


Does that not make your stomach growl?!





Having eaten our fill we slowly finished our wine and then headed into the city for Bellinis at The Toff.  A great end to a well spent Friday!


270 Victoria Street
North Melbourne
VIC 3051
Tel: 03 9328 1221

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