Gaijin Lunch Bar, Little Bourke

I like to eat Asian food because it is nearly always three things: filling, delicious and cheap.  Gaijin Lunch Bar is no different.  Located on Little Bourke Street in the CBD, this little cafe is cute and rarely over crowded.  It’s a perfect spot for a quick lunch or a pre-night out dinner and drinks.  It’s very well priced, my lunch including a drink came to about 11 dollars.


Marlee and I came here for lunch earlier this week.  I’ve got a break inbetween temp jobs so am currently enjoying being a lady of leisure and going out for lunch and stuff.  We even cracked open the Prosecco later in the evening.  Marlee’s actually blogged about this place too – read her post here.






I had the Chicken Udon.  Good, simple Asian cooking.  The staff here are lovely too, so friendly and accommodating.

Gaijin Lunch Bar
361 Little Bourke

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