Made In Melbourne @ MSFW

I wouldn’t say I’m the most fashionably dressed person on planet earth, but what I would say is that I love clothes.  I really appreciate a good outfit, either on myself or other people.  I love people watching and one of my favourite blogs is The Sartorialist.  As for shopping, I am never EVER done (and never will be).  So when the ever informed Marlee at String Of Events invited me to the Made In Melbourne runway show I instantly said yes.  It showcases Melburnian designers only, so it’s a great event for local talent.

I’ve never been to a runway show before so I was extremely a tad excited.  It was held on Siddeley Street overlooking the Yarra, a beautiful spot especially in the evening.

We arrived, checked in, got drinks, nabbed good seats and waited for the show to start.


I thought this lady’s outfit was awesome so took a quick snap
I spy…. Lady Petrova again!
There were collections from sixteen designers on show, among my favourites were ELandTINO, Coelho and Danielle Tabet.  El from ELandTINO (who was also at the Pop It event we went to on Monday) met us just before the MIM show and she was just lovely.  I’ll definitely be heading to their website to peruse more designs!










I loved every minute of the show.  The models were beautiful, the clothes were elegant, the atmosphere was happy, the music was awesome and the whole experience was really good fun.  More fashion shows please!



Thanks to Marlee for sharing her pics with me, some are hers and some are mine.  It was hard to get good ones close up.  I could go on to what I liked about the clothes and why, but I won’t.  I just love clothes.  Like, actually love them.  So this evening was a wonderful experience and one that I hope to repeat in the future.

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