Chin Chin, Flinders Lane

Chin Chin gets nothing but rave reviews.  Everyone I know who has been there loves it, and plenty more have never made there because you can’t book tables and the place is always heaving.  On Tuesday I finally went there with friends.

We only had to wait 40 minutes for a table – perfect length of time to go get a drink – and once seated were quickly occupied by the menu.  I absolutely love the menu, and the website.  I just think the design is fantastic.  Whilst we’re on the subject I should mention that they don’t actually show the menu on the website so this may mean the menu changes quite regularly.

I like simple menus, but sometimes it’s nice to be spoilt for choice too, and that’s what you are at Chin Chin.  We ordered a couple starters to share and four mains.


Now, the reason I’m not a food blogger is because I can never be bothered to note down can never quite remember the names of the dishes we order.  All you really need to know is were they delicious, and they were.



I remember these were roti wraps.  I do not remember what was in them, it was delicious though.



This was a barbecue goat dish, memory win
And these are barbecue pork satays

The one problem we had with the meal was that my dish arrived as everyone else’s was almost ready to be cleared away.  I know that with Asian cooking the dishes never arrive at the same time, but this wait was too long.  Hopefully we just caught them on a one off, because the food really was delicious!

The night ended with a fair few gin and tonics at Gin Palace, which I’ve blogged about before here.




125 Flinders Lane


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