e.g.etal Jewellery Exhibition, Flinders Lane

One of my favourite things about being a blogger is having a legitimate excuse to go to any kind of event, have a gander, have a free drink and then chat to strangers in a swanky venue.  Tonight was exactly that.  Marlee at String Of Events got invited to attend an exhibition of some new and current jewellery designs at e.g.etal on Flinders Lane.  She was allowed to bring a plus one and so of course picked me.

We arrived a little late but that didn’t matter, the venue was small so it was easy to to get around all of the collections.  I don’t really wear a lot of jewellery out here, I left the vast majority of it in the UK because I was too scared to risk losing anything – my rings are all inherited from grandparents and great aunts so they’re very sentimental.  Being at this event made me miss jewellery terribly, is that shallow?

Before I get to showing you pictures of the actual jewellery, here’s something arguably more important. There was free Hendricks on offer (and they got it right by serving it with cucumber):

Spot the gin

I used to be quite particular with jewellery.  I typically like designs that put on a twist on classic style – but not too much of a twist.  However, I feel that Australian designs (and not just in jewellery) challenge classic styles a lot.  I’ve grown to really like that after living out here for a year and feel I can now appreciate a wider variety.

Cue the photo essay …


This was my favourite ring.  Simple and beautiful





Amazing inner designs on these rings



I really liked the lady above’s outfit so I asked to photograph her.  It then transpired that she was actually one of the designers!  Anita Crowther is her name.





And last but not least, here are a couple of pictures of shoes that I spotted and really liked.


I will really miss blogging excursions like these with Marlee, hopefully I can seek out similar ones in London and then when (not if!) she visits we can resume business as usual in Blighty.

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