Great Ocean Road – Pt 1

This weekend I finally got to go down the Great Ocean Road.  Delayed gratification, if you will.  Saturday morning I jumped into Jenn’s car and a after a quick check we had the essentials (wine, cider, chocolate, snacks and a tent) we headed straight off.



The coast is beautiful, obviously.  So it’s really easy to get sucked in and stay in one place longer than planned.  For this reason I think it’s better to take your own car or hire car and go at your own pace.  Tours are great for winery visits and stuff, but I don’t think they’d be the same for the Great Ocean Road.  This road is best done without a strict plan.



We took the scenic route to Wye River where we camped for the night.  En route we made a fair few stops to take it in (and grab some fish and chips).  Scenery is something that never bores me, it’s nice to just go and see.
Our stops included Torquay, Bells Beach, Aireys Inlet and Lorne.






Erskrine falls


I much prefer Aussie fish and chips to British.  The fish is so much fresher.
The fish and chips were delicious, I’m glad we waited til Lorne to eat.  The beach was quiet save for a few locals – delayed gratification pays off again.  After eating our fill we took a short nap on the beach, we were well and truly knackered by this point.  I could have easily stayed here til dusk, but instead we decided to find a campsite and get set up.  It’s very lucky we did – we arrived at our site at 6:20pm and it transpired that they closed at 6:30pm.
We camped at BIG4 Wye River, it was a great place.  Lots of families, lots of young people, old couples.  The showers were immaculate and the staff were awesome.  Plus for an unpowered site you only need to pay 40 bucks a night.  Half an hour later we’d pitched our tent and cracked open a cider, at which point we noticed we had company in the tree above us – a wee Koala bear just hanging out.  I secretly hoped that the drop bear rumours weren’t true and took a snap as he smiled.


We’d been thinking of this cider since about midday, delayed gratification once more.  Seemed to be becoming a bit of theme by this point.


Lying out on our picnic blanket we sipped ciders until the moon came out then retired to bed with red wine and blueberry Lindt chocolate (probably the best chocolate I’ve ever had).  Despite the rain that came later and the Koala’s loud night cries we slept like logs (the wine probably helped).

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