Great Ocean Road – Pt 2

So on Sunday morning we were woken up by the miserable sound of rain drops on our tent.  Determined not to be deterred by bad weather we had had breakfast and packed the tent up in record time.  A shower each later and we’d left the campsite and were on our way to Apollo Bay for another morning snack and a strong coffee.

Plum and white chocolate muffin, served warm.  This was a special moment, I won’t forget it in a hurry.  If you ever happen to be in Apollo Bay be sure to check out this place, it’s called La Bimba.  The breakfasts looked incredible, we were very tempted.

Feeling a little more awake we headed to the Twelve Apostles (with a quick stop at Kennett River where we went Koala and Kangaroo spotting).  The Twelve Apostles are usually the evidence people provide of their trips down Great Ocean Road.  They’re amazing and breathtaking, but for some reason the weather is always terrible.  The wind was baltic!



The wind was at the speed where it whips your ears and generally makes you hate life, so we took the obligatory photos and then ran back to the car.  Now, after this our general plan was to get lunch somewhere and head home via the highway.  So we set off keeping our eyes peeled for a nice and not windy spot when suddenly a sign for a chocolate factory caught our gaze.  Why not?



I love finding local places offering local produce, wherever in the world I am.  I think it promotes a good attitude for any community.

Sampled all of these.  Twice.

I was about to jump right in and buy some chocolate, but something made me hesitate.  When the counter man started chatting to us we learnt there was also a cheese factory and a winery further down the road.  My hesitation was obviously meant to be, I was delaying gratification.

We arrived just in time for a cheese tasting, someone up there liked us today!  We tried them all and I bought some blue.  Jenn on the other hand had a little more trouble deciding and bought loads.



I can smell it from here
Take note of this name and come here if you can

Then we made it to the winery just in time for a wine tasting.  The weather had nothing on us by this point, we were perfectly happy with this turn of events.



I loved the winery, it was small, unassuming and laid back.

Happy with our lot we left, had lunch and drove back to Melbourne on the highway.  A brilliant weekend with one of my favourite Aussies.

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