Jeudi et Vendredi à Paris

Our final couple days in gay Paree.  We went to the East parts of the city (on foot, had to work off the wine and kir somehow) to Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  I recommend spending the two euros it costs for a map, we didn’t and quickly got horribly lost.  That with the first signs of lunch hunger was not a good combo.

It’s a beautiful cemetery, as they all are in Paris.  We tracked down the graves of Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.  Grave hunting is hungry work, so now we headed to Gare de Lyon to seek out the famous Le Train Bleu restaurant.

We took the metro instead of walking (we were really hungry).  The interior of the restaurant is absolutely stunning, reminiscent of the Palace at Versailles.



I love food.  I love cooking it, looking at it and definitely eating it.  I don’t mind paying more for good food.  The main we went for tasted good, but it didn’t look good.  It actually reminded me of a school dinner.  Worth 37 euros?  No, I don’t think so.  The absence of any vegetables confused us a little.  I guess you need to spend more here.  That said, my dessert was amazing.

Le Train Bleu is expensive – I started looking at the wine menu and remarked to mum that you could only buy some wines by the bottle…. then I realised that was actually the price for a glass.  But I was glad we went, it’s super pretty.

On Thursday night we headed to Arc du Triomphe to meet up with Carys, who is my best friend’s younger sister working as an au pair for a year.  We wandered the Christmas markets, drank mulled cider and almost lost our lives crossing the road at Place du Concorde.

Friday morning was a quick stop at Shakespeare and Company, an awesome little bookshop just next to Notre Dame.





After this we grabbed a coffee and headed off to the airport, waving goodbye to France for now.  Au revoir!

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