NYE In The Cotswolds – Pt 3

Roused by pizza, we all congregated in the kitchen and/or play room.  Drinking resumed, merriment returned, Matt’s leadership skills were soon forgotten (that is, they weren’t forgotten at all).


This game is called ‘Mushroom’, you keep adding cards around the edge til they fall, when they do you drink.  In this case it was a shot of jaeger.




Things then got a little blurry.  There was still a couple of hours to go until we reached 2014, but we couldn’t wait that long so we started playing loud music and even let off a couple of fireworks in the garden (with a few near misses).

















I think this game was called ‘sit at the table and drink’



Fireworks?  Ben’s got it covered
There are now black burn marks on that plastic chair








Phil at one with the music










A few minutes before midnight Phil handed out shots for everyone and we returned to the garden for a marvellous firework display.


Happy New Year
Bucks fizz everywhere
The Melburnians


A brilliant start to the new year!

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