Tamper Coffee, Sheffield

As the drinks editor for Social Sheffield, I have to put myself out into Sheffield as a taster and tester.  It’s a voyage of discovery in which I need to visit as many bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs as possible to find out what’s good, what’s not and why.  Tamper Coffee is pretty much at the top of the good list.  There are two cafes, one on Westfield Terrace and one on Arundel St.  They’re owned by kiwis, which means they make excellent coffee.  They also know how to put on a good brunch.

A thing of beauty.  Eggs benedict with smoked salmon and a hash brown.  Being at Tamper makes me feel like I’m back in Melbourne, it has that lazy morning vibe that was so standard throughout Melb.  It’s good I’ve found this place, it’ll help me through the transition.  Needless to say this breakfast was washed down with a flat white.


Since it was a late brunch and since it was well into the afternoon by the time we’d finished, I decided to finally try Jaipur Pale Ale provided by the Thornbridge Brewery in the Peak District.  You can buy this ale pretty much anywhere in Sheffield and its easy to see (or taste?) why.

I can’t drink ale quickly, it’s very heavy.  But that’s fine as this is a taste you’ll want to savour anyway!

Find Tamper on Twitter here.

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