Knives & Forks & Bricks

Sheffield is a somewhat hidden gem.  In the past it’s come out as the safest city in the UK and more recently the happiest city in the UK.  It can feel a little bit like a very large village, everything feels ‘local’.  For me the most notable thing about Sheffield is its industrial identity, which is very prominent and very well maintained.  This is a northern city, people here will say ‘ey up’ and call you things like ‘love’ or ‘duck’.  This is a place where steel was manufactured for years, where people graft.  It’s also home to some beautiful and quintessentially northern (in my opinion) architecture.

Behind the train station lie some unfortunately rather bleak looking flats.  I’ve heard they’re listed, so they won’t be getting knocked down anytime soon.  That in mind though, they’re something of a landmark for Sheffield.

While Melbourne is famous for its graffiti the UK has its fair share of impressive street art.  I think it should be celebrated and showcased much more than it is.

David Attenborough loves Sheffield


I cannot walk past Tamper Coffee and not get a flat white, it’s impossible.


To me this image just screams ‘northern’
As does this one


Moving to Sheffield will be a good and bad mix.  It’s a great city, but I know it so well that it’s not exciting like moving to Melbourne was.  Nevertheless this will be a good challenge for me to see a familiar place through new eyes.