‘Girls Night In’ At Laundry, Sheffield

I’ve said this many a time before, but I’ll say it again.  One of my favourite things about being a blogger is getting to meet new people & other bloggers at quirky little events.  Tonight was one such event.  Laundry is a new salon in Sheffield, situated right next to Tamper Coffee on Arundel St.

In order to meet and greet their new client base, and just for a bit of fun, they organised a ‘Girls Night In’.  Why not eh?  Free bubbly, some nibbles provided by Sociably Sweet and a chat with Jo Moon, an expert in looking younger naturally, not surgically.

I think fun events like this are a brilliant idea.  You meet like-minded people and always find out about small and interesting businesses that are local to you – I’d never even heard of Sociably Sweet before tonight.  Or Jo Moon for that matter!

The marshmallows from Sociably Sweet were delicious and so light – not too sugary like regular marshmallow.  I got chatting to a local blogger called Rinica who blogs at Rinica Writes, not willing to be polite any longer we were the first ones getting sugar all over ourselves.








Jo Moon talked us through her workshop which was focused on positive thinking & a positive attitude as the foundations for happy skin – and a happy life.  She explained to us how our face is a representation of what’s going on inside, and how beauty is ‘an inside job’.


Apparently like feet & reflexology, the face is also linked to parts of the body, and each body part can symbolise a different emotion.  For example, the liver’s emotion is drive and focus, but when this becomes too extreme it turns into frustration and resentment and will show itself somehow on the relevant part of the face for the liver.

We then started a series of exercises, which began with writing down a negative thought about ourselves we sometimes have at the start of the day, and then burning it.  Very cathartic, I’d like to burn negative thoughts every day.


We then had to write a positive thought down to replace the negative and take home with us, I opted for this:


I’m going to stick it on my mirror.
Theeeen Jo taught us a range of pressure point exercises and facial work outs to do that, if done on a daily basis, firm, tone and lift the face.  A completely natural, completely free and completely safe face lift.
A great alternative evening.  I’m booked in for a hair cut here this Friday and can’t wait to come back.
151 Sellers Wheel
Arundel St
0114 276 3645