Mary’s Reckoning

Last week I stumbled across this blog post.  When it comes to Bloody Marys, the garnish can be the most fun part of the drink.  One of the guys I used to work with at Relish Bar & Grill has a lot of creative flair when it comes to good garnishes, so I sent the link his way and jokingly asked if he could come up with something better.

A few comments later, he and Nathen had agreed to create a vegetarian themed and meat themed Bloody Mary.  We arranged a time, and I went in with camera and taste buds at the ready.  They really pulled out all the stops.

I mean, really pulled out all the stops.

Nathen told me the idea behind each Bloody Mary was a mid-session ‘pick me up’, a drink to replenish what the body needs and give you a boost.

Ingredients and the health benefits for the veggie garnish were:

Broccoli – potassium, vitamin A (essential for proper heart function, body growth and cell reproduction)
Cabbage – potassium, vitamin C (high antioxidants and antiviral properties)
Cucumber – phosphorus and vitamin B5 (aids digestive system)
Mushroom – Magnesium and vitamin D (relaxes muscles and nerves, promotes absorption of calcium)
Goats cheese – protein and riboflavin (supplies energy and repairs blood cells)
Courgette – calcium and vitamin B (regulates passage of nutrients through cell walls and aids conversion of carbohydrates into energy)
Martmite rim – folic acid (helps repair & synthesise DNA)
Garlic – high levels of iodine and vitamin C (strengthens immune systems, regulates blood sugar and reduces cholesterol)

And for the meat garnish:

Rare steak – iron, selenium and protein (aids supply of energy and production of white blood cells)
Soft boiled egg – protein, zinc, iron and vitamin D (good source of energy, helps to metabolise carbohydrates)
Olives – hydroxytyrosol, copper and fibre (aids prevention of cancerous cells, blocks histamine receptors and is anti-inflammatory)
Cabbage – as before
Pepperoni – high in fat and sodium (boosts mineral intake and repairs cell damage)
Chilli pepper – high in capsaicin (anti-bacterial properties and reduces cholesterol)


Tom (above) did the meat garnish and Nathen (below) the vegetarian garnish.  On a side note, both these lads make Youtube videos from time to time and they’re pretty good.  Tom’s channel can be found here and Nathen’s here.


Martmite lined rim for the Veggie Mary




I’m now going to hand over to Nathen, who very kindly wrote up a short piece for me about the Bloody Marys he and Tom created.

The inspiration behind our Bloody Marys was not just as a hangover cure, but as a mid session pick me up.  A sort of pit stop to replenish the energy and vitamins required to ensure prolonged stamina.  Either garnish here is guaranteed to keep you going at an all-day event.

We garnished one with delicious meat, but also felt it necessary to construct a vegetarian option.  This caters for a wider audience and also gave us an opportunity to come up with a different garnish model.

The Drinks

The body of each drink was very similar in this case, with the exception of using Lea & Perrins in the meaty one, and Henderson’s Relish in the veggie one.

25ml Chilli Stoli vodka
25ml Finlandia vodka
150ml Britvic tomato juice
20ml fresh lemon juice
3-4 dashes tobasco sauce
3 dashes Henderson’s Relish/Lea & Perrins
Cracked black pepper
Sea salt

Ugh, I don’t about you but I feel like a cocktail now!