Overseas Dreaming

I recently caught up with my friends Leanne and Rachel.  Me and these two marvellous young women have done our fair share of globetrotting over the past few years and on such a beautiful day in Sheffield we decided to pretend we were having dinner overseas somewhere warm.  Whenever I’m overseas I find it so easy to completely immerse myself in the present moment.  Back in blighty it feels difficult to do that, there’s always something else to be thinking or worrying about.  But if I just pretend that I’m overseas then hey presto!  Present moment, me and nothing else!





I ate nearly all of this garlic bread.  It was a starter.  I’m not ashamed, I’m proud.



We ate Ego.  It’s not the sort of place I’d normally blog about, because it’s a chain and I don’t like the general ethos chains give out.  I think they can often take away from the dining experience, whereas small, independent places always add to it.  However, it’s quite a small chain and I have to say the food was really good.




I love this part of Sheffield.  The Lyceum always makes me feel likes I’m by the sea.