Olive Skinned :: Zakynthos Pt 1

Okay so first things first, the plane flew past a thunder and lightening storm on the way there.  It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.  Phew, glad I got that out.  If you head to my Instagram profile there’s a short video of the amazing occurrence on there.

I came to Zakynthos to catch up with Flick, who I worked with for about 5 months in Australia.  She and her fiancé were touring Europe so I grabbed the chance to go somewhere new and also see them again.

Zakynthos has a pretty negative reputation and to be perfectly honest, the very first sight of people I had whilst in the taxi to my hotel, was of a young person being lifted into an ambulance with worried and inebriated friends looking on.  It was about 6am when I arrived, so I was bound to see some dregs of the heavy night before.  I’m maintaining an open mind though, this island is absolutely stunning and the locals are a delight.

I’m writing this by the pool (Flick and co haven’t arrived yet) and my first day’s been pretty nice to be honest.

This morning I caught the sunrise, slept for a few hours, wandered to the beach, ate a giant slab of feta with salad and lashings of olive oil (oh the olive oil!), sauntered about, came back for a shower and now here I am.  I’ll be ready for more feta shortly.

Back to the olive oil briefly, it’s delicious.  I almost feel like I could drink it.

The sunset this morning was beautifully crisp.  The water slowly began to dance in different shades of light and the sun burnt its way up above the mountain.





I’m staying at Castelli Hotel, the owners are adorable.  They also used to live in Sydney! We’ve had the obligatory ‘I-miss-Australia-and-its-coffee’ conversation.









At lunch I had a feta salad and a feta omelette… too much feta you cry?!  Well, yes.  But it’s so rich and creamy I just couldn’t resist.



In a short while I’m going to head down to the beach and then greet Flick.  It’s going to be so surreal to see her again, it’s been over nine months.  Last time we were in each other’s company was my leaving drinks in Melbourne, I remember us both tipsily declaring with determination that it was not goodbye, just goodbye until we meet again.