To Town :: Zakynthos Pt 2

After a fair few glasses of rosé (which by the way is highly drinkable in this part of the world, tastes like ribena!), we rolled up to our rooms and had a pretty hefty lie in the next morning.  Lie ins no longer make me feel guilty, because I hardly ever get to have them these days.  So I embraced the opportunity and was the last one up.
We eventually headed out and took a local bus to Zakynthos town.  I loved it, the architecture was so Greek!  It was pretty empty when we arrived but that gave me a golden photo opportunity to capture the town with few other tourists in shot!
This image of an elderly gent sitting sums up why I love travel.  Seeing locals just doing what they do every day.








I love the colours here, they soak up the light beautifully


Karl & Flick


This place was full of locals and the mains looked ace – take note
Not feeling very hungry I had another salad – love the rich tomatoes!


Apart from a weird encounter in a bar where the staff simply refused to serve us, I really enjoyed this trip.  By this point I was certain Zakynthos has more to offer than drunken Brits throwing fag butts into the sand.  Although there is a fair bit of that, don’t be put off.  If you’re after a quiet and more authentic experience you can still get that here too.