Café #9 :: Sheffield

I’ve found a beautiful little social haven of music, hot chocolate and fuzzy warmth in Sheffield. They don’t have a website, and I’ll not let on where it is – you’ll find it easy enough with a touch of Googling anyway!

It’s called Cafe #9 and I want to come here every day.

It’s BYOB. The main drink offerings are hot chocolate, tea or hot ribena with ginger. There are board games and instruments dotted about and occasionally Netheredge Pizza set up shop outside and feed everyone their Italian goodness for the night.

Last night I had a brief catch up with Sarah, who is Social Sheffield’s Live Music Editor and also a very talented musician. She comes here to hang out and make music. I’d planned to stay an hour or two, I didn’t leave until much later.

As a kid I grew up in a very Catholic, working class town. The best bit about this was the get togethers – lots of families, friends and friends of friends coming together for food, music, late nights and just a very comforting and warm fuzzy feeling right in the heart of your chest. There was something SO exciting about squeezing onto the sofa way past my bedtime with about ten other kids, wrapping up in a blanket, tucking in to a packet of monster munch and listening to someone play a lovely song on a guitar, just for the sake of it.

This is exactly what Cafe #9 reminded me of – that wholesome feeling of being at home or belonging somewhere – and if I’m completely honest it made me a little emotional!

After our catch up people carrying instruments started to arrive, so Sarah whipped out her violin and some very beautiful sounds followed.








A beautifully time-warping experience in a café I’m going to be frequenting.

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