On The Moor :: Horror Souk

Down in London is a theatre company called Theatre Delicatessen. What they do in a nutshell, is take over abandoned buildings and perform immersive theatre – performances where the audience is just as involved as the actors.

They came up north recently and set up Moor Deli – they’re currently in the old Woolworths on Sheffield’s Moor. Social Sheffield’s Stage Editor, Sarah, is part of the collaboration and last night I finally went down to explore.

Currently, the building has been transformed into a tardis-like maze of haunting immersive theatre – they’re calling it the Horror Souk.

The old Woolies, like most dated department stores, has that eerie, empty feel to it. This coupled with creepy décor leads to you to feel on edge before you’ve even really got through the door.

I don’t want to give too much away, the beauty in these performances lies in the ‘not knowing’. What I loved is that they were equally immersive and confronting, yet all totally different and unique to each other. I’m going back for more on Thursday and I cannot wait.














My favourite performance from this first visit was Did You Call The Police? which was, to be frank, effing terrifying. In a good way…!

The Horror Souk is running up until 22 November – I recommend taking a friend or five!

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