Anything Is Possible

Today I went to South Yorkshire Housing Assocation, they kindly invited me to listen to Imandeep Kaur tell her story as part of their Lead Well project.

Immy Kaur is a remarkable individual. She’s been a medical student, travelled the world, worked in housing and in more recent years has curated TEDxBirmingham and co-founded Impact Hub Birmingham too. She’s not even 30 years old!

Her journey has taken her on some huge highs and lows, from dealing with barrages of haters to raising £65,000 on a Kickstarter campaign. Immy has a lot of valuable things to say on revolutionising the way businesses, companies and organisations function, and the part we can all play in creating that change.

She said that ‘innovation and new ideas do not come from comfort’ – I totally agree with this. If you want to discover new things, make real impacts, really find out what your true passion or calling in life is, then you need to make friends with your discomfort zone.

The part of Immy’s talk that I found most inspiring was the story behind The Open Works. This came about from a collaboration between Civic Systems Lab and Lamberth Council. They opened a shop in a location with a lot of footfall. They created a beautiful, inspiring and aspirational window display. For the first six months, they invited locals in for a cup of tea and simply asked them ‘What are you really good at?’

The results were incredible. What this was, was a platform for people to connect on, to network through. So many projects and initiatives and events came from this shop, but the folk running the shop didn’t come up with the ideas – it was the locals who did. They found local talent, connected the dots and handed over the tools.

I really believe in this co-production approach. I love that co-work and hot desking spaces are popping up across the UK currently – even in Doncaster!

Fundamentally, I feel that this approach recognises the fact that we are all human and all equal. This means that everyone’s perspective is valid and also that everyone can contribute and bring something to the table.

I’m so thankful I was invited along today and I wish Immy the very best on the next stages of her journey.