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Tamper Shorts

Last week a friend and I went to Tamper Shorts – a new film event hosted by Kiwi owned Tamper (the flat whites are sublime). Held at Westfield Terrace, it was an evening of four short films with food and drinks available too.

We mistakenly went to the larger venue at Sellers Wheel, but the small one actually worked brilliantly. Intimate without being intimidating!




I think these chairs are adorable


Becky telling us about the first film

Upon arrival we bought drinks and found seats. When everyone had eventually arrived, Becky Marshall gave us a brief introduction to the evening.

We were treated to:

Unconditional Rebel – Siska by Guillaume Panariello. This is a music video that was filmed in five seconds at something like a thousands frames per second, so the video is considerably slowed down. It’s a beautiful piece of film, so I’ve embedded it below.

Next we had what was my second favourite of the four. It’s an alternative sequel/story to Power Rangers. It’s called Power/Rangers Bootleg and is directed by Joseph Kahn. It’s absolutely brilliant, I’ll never see Power Rangers in the same way ever again.

I’ve included this too, I couldn’t bear not to. Be warned it is very much NSFW!




After a break we sat for the third and fourth films – the third was my favourite by far, it’s called Abel. It was essentially made by a group of friends (including Sheffield local Dave Galloway) and looks at the restraints religion places on people’s sexuality and sexual identity.

I thought it was beautifully, eloquently and thoughtfully made. It follows the story of a vicar who finds a young man named Abel in his church, just after being kicked out of home. Abel stays with him and slowly all sorts of truths begin to emerge from Abel, the vicar and the vicar’s housekeeper, resulting in a tragic end. It was a fantastic production, if you are in South Yorkshire you can follow their updates on Twitter.

Finally we saw one of Becky’s own creations; Screaming Maldini House Party Tour. Screaming Maldini are a band from Sheffield that went on tour but during this tour performed and stayed in people’s houses. The film makes being in a band look like the most fun thing ever!

Becky told me she wanted to show us a broad spectrum of films and I think she achieved that. It was such a fun evening and I’m already looking forward to the next one!