Culture At Cast

A while back, Doncaster got a new theatre called Cast.
Its arrival coincided with me moving to Sheffield, so I didn’t really get a chance to go. Last night Rachel, the co-editor and creator of Doncopolitan and I went to see a production there and have a relaxed catch up.
I was so excited to finally see the place, I think the branding on the website and flyers is brilliant so I was keen to see how the venue compared.

The whole space around the entrance is very grand and almost formidable, it really sets the theatrical tone!

The interior is absolutely stunning, all I could see everywhere was very careful attention to detail.

It has the glamourous feel of a 1920s speak easy – there’s even a small function room with a bar and a view upstairs, yet it still feels incredibly modern and new. Not new as in newly built, new as in, this style is original and hasn’t been done before.

I think it’s perfect and I almost felt a bit emotional at seeing such a beautiful venue in the heart of Doncaster!

This screams jazz lounge to me
Sneaky snap of rehearsals

We went to see Thick As Thieves, which is from Reform Theatre Company in association with Harrogate Theatre and Cast.

It’s a simple and intimate play with a nostalgic storyline that had me laughing lots!

The bar has that ‘time standing still’ feel to it. I love it!

I really miss Doncaster these days and am still in two minds about whether to move back for a bit later this year.
It’s a place I’m proud to be from and I love going back to visit and catch up on what’s been happening.

Have you seen a good play recently?