Private View with Plunge Theatre

Moor Deli is fast becoming renowned for a bloody brilliant theatrical experience. Last night I returned to see Private View by Plunge Theatre – a trio of friends: Tuts, Lilly and Izabella.


This wasn’t just theatre. This was a full on confrontation of the uncomfortable realities that it’s often easier to ignore, or are often so ingrained into our daily lives that we don’t even realise they exist.

Private View is an interrogation of the female body and all the pressures applied to it.

The show is delivered in a truly unique style and will have you inwardly (or outwardly, who knows!) shouting ‘Me too!’ in response to a wide range of female experiences.

It touches upon everything – body image, the media, food guilt, being skinny, being fat, street harassment, sisterhood and even BeyoncĂ©.

I laughed, cried and cried from laughing. To me, the show epitomised the moment when you’re in the bathroom at a bar and you go to look the girl next to you up and down – purely out of habit if anything.

As you go to give the glare of judgement, you stop and think why on earth am I doing this?

Instead, you start a conversation and realise that rather than seeing other women as enemies, it’s far better to see them as sisters.

This show is a signal to not only let go of things that harm and hinder more than help, but an invitation to laugh at how truly ridiculous some of the expectations and standards placed on us by society are.

After the show we were treated to a panel discussion featuring Girl Gang Sheffield.

It is so empowering to meet and listen to like-minded people – this is one of the reasons I love the internet so much; it makes ‘your people’ so much easier to find and connect with.

I felt like high-fiving every stranger I passed in the street after I left – could have been the Plunge Theatre experience, could have been the heat!

During the discussion, Plunge Theatre said they’ll be taking Private View into schools very soon – I think this is fantastic news.

The sooner kids learn that it’s okay to be who they are and make their own decisions, the better. I certainly would have benefitted from having role models like these three when I was younger.

It was an energising, empowering evening that had me laughing out loud in fits of recognition. A huge thank you to Izabella, Tuts and Lilly for inviting me along!


Interior details at Moor Deli – it’s so nice to have the old Woolworths in use again and I’m really pleased that Theatre Deli are still here! Pop in for a cuppa and chat next time you’re on the moor.






Above, details of the aftermath. An apple, a chocolate cake and mixing bowls filled with water. I’ll say no more – you’ll have to go see Private View for yourself to find out what they’re used for.

Below, the lovely and inspiring trio that is Plunge Theatre. I think these women are pioneers and also extremely brave! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.


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