My Life Lately #1


Today I’m feeling incredibly lucky, content and happy.

Since July I’ve been settling into two new part-time jobs, working extra bar shifts at weekends and generally adjusting to a new set of priorities – physical health, financial savings and developing myself professionally.

I no longer want to go out and play like I used to – in fact, I think I’ve completely lost all sense of FOMO and replaced it with JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out).

My life has simultaneously taken many unexpected turns yet also morphed into exactly what I want it to be, and I’ve found my interests relentlessly leading me into situations where I’ll be challenged, confronted, tested and will learn something valuable.

So life lately has been a blur, I’m absolutely knackered, but not bored in the slightest.

Here are five positive things from the past month:

  1. I succeeded in delivering an enjoyable and well organised AGM for the charity I work for – I was extremely nervous about this since I’m still so new to the organisation.
  2. I weighed myself to discover I’m now at 53.3 kilos – down from around 58 at Christmas. Running three times a week is paying off and I’m feeling more energised.
  3. I bought myself a ticket for the Blognix Retreat in February, woo! I’m really looking forward to meeting more bloggers and learning from them.
  4. I finally listed my eBook on Amazon as available for pre-order.
  5. I started having one day a week completely offline – no laptop, no iPhone. It’s really made a huge difference to my stress levels, thoroughly recommend it!

What has your life been like lately?