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To go travelling often takes a rather large leap of faith, especially to go on your own. It took me two trips away before I worked up the courage to board a plane with only myself for company, and time and time again I see so many people letting this dream slip away from them because their travel partner isn’t ready, or work is getting busy, or some other convenient excuse.

People often ask me what my biggest piece of advice is to those thinking about travel, and that is ‘Book your flights and buy your visa, as soon as possible. That way there’s no backing out.’


Cartography is a play by Flickbook Theatre about a girl named Sarah. Her┬áheart has a set number of beats left and she works in a map shop previously belonging to her late father. She dreams of exploring the world, but is afraid to risk putting pressure on her already weak heart. She meets a boy named John and slowly becomes filled with resolve to travel the world with him – starting with Scafell Pike.

Sarah’s story takes us through all the emotions a traveller will feel at some point – excitement at leaving; wonder at what you’ll see; disappointment at plan changes; resignation that it’s just all a silly dream; determination that it will happen; inner peace that you did it; and finally guilt, when you realise that you should be treating your life at home as though it’s a wonderful adventure too, rather than running away.

Moor Deli details

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Flickbook Theatre

I went to see Cartography at my favourite theatre space in Sheffield – Moor Deli of course. Using light, sound, string, blankets, a toy phone, a projector, two step ladders and some wonderful songs, Flickbook Theatre delicately tell Sarah’s story in one of the best immersive theatre experiences I’ve ever had.

It’s perfect for beginners – I think immersive theatre can sound scary, but Cartography involves the audience without being intimidating whatsoever.

Cartography is ultimately about being the hero in your own life and taking the lead. It had me doubled over in hysterics and at other times I had tears making their merry way down my face.

To find out when their next performance is head to their Facebook page and Twitter profile.

2 thoughts on “Cartography by Flickbook Theatre

  1. This sounds really interesting! Also, I totally agree about travel. Get it booked and then all you can do is save and go. I went to NYC on my own, I met friends out there but the concept of getting on a plane alone was fantastic. I loved it.

    • Travelling alone opens up so many doors! This was a fantastic play, I need to get back to Moor Deli soon, I haven’t been for ages and am beginning to miss it!

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