My Goals For 2016


2015 feels like it has barely existed doesn’t it?

It’s possibly a little early for me to be writing this blog post, but I’m planning to have a digital detox between Christmas and New Year – so I thought I’d roll it out now!

2015 has flown by so quickly but I’m pleased to say it’s been a positive and productive year for me. When I look back at last year’s post I realise I’ve come very far in 2015.

  • I finally got out of the job industry I was in and broke into the one I want.
  • I lost around a stone in weight, all down to taking running up again and reducing portion sizes.
  • I added quite a substantial amount of cash to my savings, especially considering my income is quite low.
  • Probably the most exciting of all for me, is that I completed my eBook, which you can download here – it’s a collection of short stories from my globetrotting early twenties.

I’m still quite far down the ladder I’m trying to climb. Eventually I want to own my property and have one job instead of three (yes, I have three jobs).

But I love my part-time role for a Sheffield charity, and I love my internship role at Doncopolitan, and to be honest I enjoy the bar work I do at weekends – it’s easy money, good exercise and social. The former two are very much focused on social media, events and communications as well, so all very valuable experience.

I have been, and still am, setting up multiple passive income streams for myself – freelance projects like this event I organised, freelance proof reading and of course my book. It’s a priority for me now to invest in the future – financially, physically and mentally.

So it’s been a good year. Bloody hard work, but good.


What are my plans for 2016?

Get back into travel blogging. I really enjoyed the two opportunities I got in 2014 to travel via my blog, and I want to do it again. Better scrub up on my pitching skills!

Reach two thirds of my savings target. I would like to be in my own place by the time I’m 30 or before, so in 2016 I plan to be as strict with my budget as I have this year.

Complete a half marathon. I’m going to be fundraising too so if you want to you can donate here. The last time I ran a half marathon was in 2011 and it just felt so good running past that finish line. I want to do it again!

I’m keeping my goals very succinct this time – just three!

Have you enjoyed 2015? What are your goals for next year?