Pre-Christmas Weekend


My friend Emily’s gorgeous, festive fireplace


Recharging after browsing antiques


Thoughtful gifts from great friends


More handmade details


Brunch at Barceloneta to ward off the post-fizz headache

I’ve had an absolutely brilliant weekend catching up with my old housemates from University.

We’ve eaten, drank, laughed and gifted. The crafty creatives that they are, their presents this year included hand-painted champagne glasses, handmade cushion covers, handmade candles and homemade limoncello! I’m still badgering them to pool their talents and start selling online.

I didn’t make their presents, but I did buy from independent handmade sellers! I’m feeling extremely lucky today to have some very good people in my life, and I’m looking forward to a restful Christmas.

My old housemates and I have been friends now for almost ten years – we’re planning to celebrate this landmark by going on holiday together next year. It’s so funny to think back to our eighteen year old selves and compare it with where we are in our lives now. I think our younger selves would be pretty pleased to be honest!

I’m in great need of some prolonged downtime and I plan to get it by having a digital detox between Christmas day and New Year’s eve (well, more of a social media detox, as I’ll be watching quite a lot of Netflix!).

I hope you’re all starting to wind down for Christmas and catching up with old friends.