Doncopolitan Chow Down & Chinwag

Last night the folk at Doncopolitan hosted a get together for their community to say thanks and have a good old natter.

It was held at Taste, a café bar located in the Waterdale shopping centre a short walk from the station.

I’ve never been to Taste before, and I’m now regretting not finding it sooner. The décor inside is beautiful with every detail paid attention to. It’s a venue that ticks every box – look, food, drink, atmosphere and entertainment with regular open mic nights.

What makes Taste even better though, is that it’s part of Open Cast, which is a training service that helps young people.

At Taste for example, young people can get training in hospitality, and once they’ve got enough experience can venture into Doncaster to get a job backed up by a good reference as well as relevant experience.




All kinds of people came along for the evening – there were about thirty of us in total. We had a drink then sat down together to enjoy some very delicious food prepared for us by Taste.

We then spent the rest of the evening chatting and talking about ideas for the future of Doncaster. The thing I love about Doncaster, is that being a small place it’s relatively easy to bring people together and make things happen. I’m very excited for the months that lie ahead!



The beautiful magazine that started it all



Decor details at Taste


It was a great evening that has left me reeling with ideas and the urge to get started.

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