Blognix Retreat 2016

I had been looking forward to the Blognix Retreat for literally months. My friends Daisy and Sophie have been before, and from what they’ve said I was expecting an excellent weekend.


For those of you who don’t know, Blognix is a free collective, hub and information resource for bloggers, content creators and online influencers. I have learnt a ton of very useful things just from the website alone, so I was really looking forward to this event.

The Blognix Retreat was held at the weekend in Northamptonshire and I am still absolutely buzzing from it. I feel inspired, motivated, supported, welcomed, excited and so grateful to everyone who had a part in making it such a special experience. Elizabeth and Raj, the main organisers and bloggers at Awesome Wave and Rosalilium, have such a passion for the blogging community and I’ve no doubt they’re going to continuing growing Blognix successfully.

I remember one of the event attendees tweeting over the weekend that the Blognix Retreat paid for itself within the first hour – I totally agree. The value and quality of knowledge we were given access to was fantastic, and we got treated so well by the hotel staff during our stay.

We stayed at QHotels Hellidon Lakes – I’ve stayed with QHotels before for my friend’s hen do, they’re very good value for money. Beautiful grounds, great food, and fantastic service all round – the Hellidon Lakes hotel even have a bowling alley, which we made use of on Saturday night!

The Blognix Retreat has made me realise that although I’ve achieved a lot through my blog since I started back in 2011, I really need to nurture it consistently. I love blogging, so it’s time to step up my game. One way in which I plan to do this is by sharing outfit posts – and I will be sharing what I wore at Blognix to kick off! I’m all about personal development and to me personal style is very much a part of that.

It’s not just about earning an income from my blog for me – the blogging community is the community I want to be in. It’s the community that I connect with, that I feel ‘right’ in and I want to immerse myself in it, learn from it and give back to it as much as possible.

Anyway, let’s see some photos of the weekend shall we?


One of the partners for Blognix was Shop Style – I highly recommend joining their affiliate scheme if you’re a blogger like me. Its top quality is that it’s very simple to use, and the representatives who came along were all incredibly friendly and passionate about the platform.


We were kept well fed and watered throughout the weekend


Despite being a conference the vibe at the Blognix Retreat was very laid back, down to earth and welcoming


The first speaker was South American blogger Ximena de la Serna, she was full of energy and gave us advice on launching an e-product. This talk was invaluable for my eBook sales strategies, and I’ve already made a plan of what to do next.


I loved these fab balloons!



The beautiful, serene views



Our cosy room


The amazing bowling alley!


Our handy tea station, which we used a lot!

Morning read! #BlognixRetreat

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My Sunday morning was spent flicking through Blogosphere Magazine and feeling like I was in a parallel universe populated only by bloggers.
The Blognix Retreat totally exceeded my expectations. The best part of it was, as always, being able to meet bloggers in person and socialise with them. I met people I’ve known for a while via Twitter land, and people I’ve never come across before.
It was wonderful, and I really am so grateful to be a part of this community.

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