Space To Create

I wanted to give you an insight into my workspace at Doncopolitan.

I am incredibly lucky to have worked there part time over the last few months. It’s a very collaborative, creative workspace in which I pretty much have free reign to trial things and learn.

The office is based within a coworker space called the Copley Road Project, and the office has changed shape a lot since I began working there.

A lick of paint, some bespoke tables and plenty of art have turned it into a place that makes me feel creative as soon as I walk through the door.

We even have a bespoke bar in the corner
The window display is kept memorable
There are always lots of visual ideas laid out
I enjoy working from here so much!
Even this piece adds to the atmosphere of the place

Rachel and Warren have inspired me a great deal. They’ve shown me that creating change is never easy, but *is* hugely rewarding. And I think I’ve taught them a thing or two about how to use Twitter!

Their publication – Doncopolitan – has been years in the making and it’s exciting to wonder where it might be in another few year’s time.

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    • I’ve not actually read Daphne’s Diary yet – they just collect good quality mags for inspiration; which is why I left them with my copy of Blogosphere!

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