Big News

I have some big news: I’m moving to Manchester.


Me preparing to chase my dreams

I’ve been offered a job with a creative agency starting in May, so I’m off! I can’t tell you how elated, relieved and excited I felt when they called me with the offer. I have been working towards a job like this ever since I got off the plane from Melbourne two and a half years ago (and bear in mind that when I did step off that plane two and a half years ago, I had no relevant experience, zilch!).

To finally have all my hard work pay off feels so rewarding!

I’d like to know, do any of you live in Manchester or visit regularly? Care to share any hidden gems?

I already know about Blue Daisy Cafe pictured below, but I’m hoping to make enough discoveries to warrant a new category for the blog!


There is most definitely a moral to this short story: never ever stop working for something you want.

It also means I can finally make a start on my second Kindle book. I wanted the second one to be about the process of settling back into the UK and going after a career I was passionate about. I’ve got the foot in the door to that career now, so the book has its happy ending sorted.

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