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Fran blogs about leading a creative life and self-expression at Style Creative. She’s someone who emanates style, freedom and creativity through her outfits, art and personality.


I’ve gotten to know Fran through a number of blogger lunch, dinner and drink meet ups that she’s organised in Leeds, and after every meeting I feel energised and inspired.

What do you enjoy most about the blogging community?
I think the social aspect of blogging is a very important part of being a blogger. We are so well-connected virtually, but rarely meet face to face unless it is through events. This was why I started organising the Yorkshire Bloggers meet up every two months. It’s a great way for local bloggers to meet without the prerequisite of reviewing a product or a brand. Besides, there are some things only other bloggers will understand, so the opportunity to catch up over lunch and chat with like minded girls and guys about the varied, yet often difficult world of blogging, is something us bloggers absolutely need every now and then!
To you, what is ‘style’ really about?
To me style is more than just fashion, and more importantly, cannot be defined by what you spend. Quality of an item is important – even when you are an avid thrift shopper! This, along with the cut and fit of an outfit and the ability to pull a look together will make you look better “turned out” and arguably more “stylish”.
For me it’s more playing around with a look, and not following a trend but wearing what makes you feel good. I do think I have a signature look – which helps define your own sense of style over time. I definitely don’t get it right all the time – but that is all part of the fun!
Why do you think creativity is so important?

There are few things that make me happier than splashing paint around on a giant canvas. With a paintbrush in hand, I am restricted by nothing other than my imagination. I did a recent blog post on creativity recently because I am a firm believer that creativity lies in everyone and we should encourage ourselves in our own way to break free of our own creative ruts. 

This may be through creative outlets like painting or designing, or just by finding inspiration in everyday things, following fashion, starting a blog, crafting, writing or music. It’s so important to find an outlet where you can be just be you and channel your thoughts, without restriction. One day you might look back and wonder I wish I had spend more time doing what I love. Life is just too short to think these things

What do you think is the best way to introduce more discipline into one’s life?

I am definitely not as disciplined as I would like – life just gets in the way and often chaos ensues!

However, I agree discipline is a good thing. If you have goals you have yet to achieve or just keeping more organised day to day you need a certain amount of self-discipline. I think one of the best ways to introduce this is by taking small steps to making changes that will lead to that one big goal. Every day you get a step closer to this goal. it could be committing to making blog design changes with the end goal being a complete revamp or even working towards a new job which starts by taking a course or updating your linkedin profile. The only way to become more disciplined is to be truly realistic as you set these steps. Oh, and lists – I swear by lists!


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