My Weekend

In the two year interim I had after Melbourne and before Manchester, I spent many weekends working. Usually freelance work, often job hunting and sometimes something to do with adding to my experience in the hope of getting a full time job. I like working, and I’ll always happily make time on a Saturday or Sunday to do something blog related. But, I’ve got that full time job now and after three weeks in sunny Manchester (it really has been sunny here!), I’ve remembered how good it is to have weekends set aside purely for fun.

Eating, drinking, wandering and looking. And catching up with friends of course. This last weekend particularly, the bank holiday, has been good.


Some loose leaf and gluten free ice cream


Had a lie down on the grass after wandering around Didsbury


Took time out at Thyme Out

IMG_3664 IMG_3660

There’s still so much for me to explore here in Manchester but I’m trying to take my time and savour each thing I see and do. Everything was so fast before I moved here, now I want to go slow.