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I first heard about We Are Tea through Daisy’s blog. They’re a London based company who seem to have a good ethos and good branding – two of my favourite things.

A PR kindly sent me some of their English Breakfast blend along with an infuser. I decided to brew up for me and my house mate one evening last week. We’d both arrived home late and were exhausted, so I put the kettle on while A put the telly on.

I’m a bit of a tea addict, if I ever somehow skip my morning cuppa I’m left with a caffeine deprived headache very quickly. It’s not good but I guess there’s worse things to be addicted to. The We Are Tea English Breakfast blend is very strong – even with milk. This is just how I like my tea, I’ve been making the effort to brew this some mornings too, usually when I’m going for an early run as I have more time then.

WeAreTea IMG_3644 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651

I think the infuser is so well designed! I was worried it would leak when I added the hot water, but it didn’t. A great little enabling me to have better quality tea. Find out more about We Are Tea on Twitter here.

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