A Day In Bordeaux

So, it turns out Bordeaux is like Paris only better. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Paris, but I’ve had the benefit of visiting with someone (my mum) who speaks almost fluent French and once lived there. Paris is incredible if you know where to look, but if you don’t it can be underwhelming, a bit dirty and smelly, overpriced and very touristy.

In Bordeaux, it wasn’t any of those things and I didn’t need to rely on a guide to make the visit worthwhile.

We spent just one day there mostly wandering and eating – I really want to go back and spend a few days there. It’s a beautiful city.

This might be the most French photo I’ve ever taken. I almost missed him rolling his cigarette, had to move very quickly!

Bordeaux_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3829 Bordeaux_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3837 Bordeaux_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3835 Bordeaux_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3833Bordeaux_france_travel_holiday_IMG_3825

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